How To Be A Designated Driver

How to get through a night on the time with your friends as the Designated Driver. It's important to consider this most serious question of the night and feel comfortable and confident being the designated driver.

You will need:

  • Your sobriety
  • A vehicle of transportation
  • Drunken friends

Step 1: Obey The Rules

A designated driver is simply a person who agrees to abstain from alcohol and be responsible for driving others home. This means that you don't drink any alcohol…zilch, nada, none. After all, your friends are entrusting you with their lives, missing a night of boozing won't kill you. But driving drunk will.

Step 2: Reap The Rewards

Being the DD has plenty of advantages. To begin with it allows you to stay on top of your game as your buddies begin to dip into inebriation. You'll have all your facilities available when they begin to slur their words talking to that special lady.

Step 3: Memories

Another advantage to being a designated driver is that you will likely be the only person that remembers all the crazy or embarrassing stuff that your wasted friends did that night. And you can use this information in several ways, and although we would never recommend blackmail, your amazing ability to keep a secret might just land you a few favors from your friends.

Step 4: Moment Of Clarity

As the night drags on and you soon find yourself as one of the only sober people present you might realize something. People act really foolish when they're drunk. In fact, they're almost impossible to be around. And maybe, just maybe you will curb a bit of your own drunken antics. But remember, your friends may be annoying drunks, but they're your annoying drunks. And being a designated driver to them is what being a friend is all about.

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