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Drink wise ... Be safe.
Parent wise ... Be informed.
Passenger wise ... Be aware.


It takes about one hour for the liver of a person weighing 70 kg (154 lbs.) to process and eliminate eight to 10 grams of alcohol. This rate is constant, no matter how much alcohol has been consumed, or what food or non-alcoholic beverages are taken.

Teen Wise

Being a Teen is not easy. You will be faced with many decisions through your teenage years which can affect the rest of your life.

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Parent Wise

When children step into their teens, they move into another level of independence. Here are some suggestions for guiding your Teens without controlling them.

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Passenger Wise

You have decided to go out and have some fun. Unfortunately not everyone takes their driving responsibility as serious as they should. What would you do in the following situations?

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Organizations & Links 

We encourage you to look at these additional resources and some of our partners.

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Drink Wise Canada is committed to shaping a healthier and safer culture in Canada where drinking alcohol requires awareness, and where drinking alcohol must be accompanied with an understanding of the effects of impairment and the legal consequences.

We are an independent company with an ambitious goal of providing accurate products and usable information to Teens, Parents and Passengers.

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